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Voyage d’hiver

Fabienne Verdier

8 March – 15 July 2022

Custot Gallery Dubai is pleased to present Voyage d’hiver, a remarkable series of paintings by the celebrated contemporary abstract painter, Fabienne Verdier.

Fabienne Verdier imagined this series of 8 paintings in 2016 while thinking of ‘Die Winterreise’ (Voyage d’hiver) by classical Austrian composer Franz Schubert. This ensemble of 24 lieder written for piano and voice in 1827, one year before the death of Schubert, brings to the artist, in each listen, immense vibrations.

For the very first time, Fabienne Verdier has superposed, on canvas, strokes of energy upon each other resulting in a fading notion of scale. Every movement or countermovement of the material can slowly evoke the magnificent sensation that perceives the hiker when he does not know anymore, in his wanders, if he is the one moving or if the scenery is shifting ahead of him.

As Fabienne Verdier describes:

“I can’t help myself, while listening to the internal dialogue between the poet and the piano, to think of the mysterious and captivating painting of Caspar David Friedrich, painted in 1818, ‘Wanderer
above the Sea of Fog’.
We can perceive in the melodies of Schubert a journey which intertwines, juxtaposes, tangles, and interlaces horizons, shingles, pathways, undergrowth, hills, valleys, and interior landscapes. In face of the sea or of the desert the traveler lets himself be carried away by the wind that sculpts the movement of the waves and the dunes, in infinite transformations.”

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