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Custot Gallery Dubai presents for its first anniversary the exhibition ‘BLACK, WHITE ...’ with Pabl

The ‘Spaghetti Bench’ series first conceived in 2006, made Pablo Reinoso’s name and is the starting point for many of his signature sculptures. Drawing from the public bench with slats, Pablo Reinoso reappropriates this anonymous design. The artist gives the bench a dynamic, a unique extension and opens up a eld of possibilities by bringing it to life, rising up beyond the seat. In his sculptures Pablo Reinoso evokes the concepts that transcend the boundaries of the object and exceed the life of them, stimulating the public bench’s role place of meeting and conversation. ‘White Sand Bench’ is the first painted steel bench in this series by Pablo Reinoso.


Pablo Reinoso (born 1955, Buenos Aires) is a French-Argentinean artist and designer. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1978. He works in series since the 1970s, always rethinking this rapport with material, object and space. Reinoso tricks logic through his seemingly living works, giving them a life on their own, widening the possibilities of reality. His work has been exhibited in several international exhibitions including, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires); Centre d’art André Malraux (Colmar, France); Museu Nacio- nal de Arte Moderno de Bahia (Salvador da Bahia, Brazil); Boghossian Foundation (Brussels); Museum of Art, Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) and Chatsworth (United Kingdom). In 2016, Reinoso created the work ‘Racines de France’ for the South Terrace of the Elysee Palace in Paris and installed two sculptures on the River Thames as part of a public art commission in London.


Published by the 5 Continents Editions house in March 2017, this 280-page work is a collection of the artist’s most important pieces, in addition to never before-seen archive images. Including texts by Michel Serres, Gerard Wajcman and completed by an interview with Pablo Reinoso by the art critic Henri-Francois Debailleux.

Image :

Pablo Reinoso,White Sand Bench, 2017,

painted steel,110 x 420 x 150 cm

Photo Credit: Pia Torelli

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