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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1955


Pablo Reinoso is a sculptor and designer who is famous for his monumental installations.


Reinoso studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires but settled in Paris in 1978. His skill for carpentry was honed by his French grandfather and he soon won a scholarship to learn marble sculptural techniques in Carrara.


His early work focussed on the traditional sculptural materials of wood, brass, slate, marble and steel. Notable series include les articulations (1970–1980), les paysages d’eau (1981–1986) and la découverte d’Amérique (1986–1989). Drawing on his previous architectural experience his installations examine the relationship between architecture and space.


In 1996 he filled the chapel at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bahia, Brazil, with two hundred ‘breathers’, inflated fabric cushions which echo human breathing.

As well as his artistic production Reinoso spent a significant period working as a designer and artistic director, for Givenchy in 2000 and Parfumes Loewe in 2002.


This work was followed by his most prominent series, Spaghetti Benches in 2006. These works take anonymous public benches as a starting point but the artist transforms them with twisting, branch-like elements past the point of their inanimate origins.


His work has been exhibited in several international exhibitions including, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires; Centre d'art André Malraux, Colmar, France; Museu Nacional de Arte Moderno de Bahia, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil; Boghossian Foundation, Brussels; Museum of Art, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Chatsworth, United Kingdom.

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