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Pablo Reinoso art at Riverwalk, installation of two public sculptures in London


Pablo Reinoso, has recently conceived and installed two specially commissioned sculptures for the art program of the new Riverwalk building conceived by the architect Stanton Williams.

Riverwalk is located by the river Thames, near the Tate Britain and next to Henry Moore sculpture Locking Piece, which has been on display in Riverside Walk Gardens, since 1968. In line with Stanton William’s architecture and especially in keeping with one of Henry Moore's most symbolic works, Pablo Reinoso has create two bench-sculptures in black steel. Only Children Bench, created to be used by the children as a playful area and We Watch You Too Bench, an other bench-sculpture which provides an area for quiet contemplation in the Riverwalk grounds, whose name is an amusing reference to the MI6 which is just opposite.

In this prestigious place Pablo Reinoso, attempted to create a strong dialogue with the location through the lines of steel growing up in search of an organic attachment to their new environment. Reinoso’s sculptures draw and define a new topology of space inspired by the sinuous movements of the Thames river already present in the work of Moore and in Stanton's architecture.


Pablo Reinoso, We Watch You Too Bench, steel, L 8.4 x w 4.5 x H 2 m, Command of the Riverwalk art program, Riverwalk, Westminster, London

Photo credit: Rodrigo Reinoso

Pablo Reinoso, Only Children bench, steel, L 4.1m x w 1.9m x H 1.8m, Command for the Riverwalk art program, Riverwalk, Westminster, London photo credit: Rodrigo Reinoso

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