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The Modern Art Museum in Lyon, France is currently presenting an exceptional collection of 170 unsee

The exhibition presents an unprecedented and exceptional collection of more than 170 works, from early performances, drawings, diagrams, paintings, to photographs, sound works, films and sculptures, retracing 60 years of creation. It is the most complete retrospective ever carried out!

The purpose of this retrospective is to examine all the stages that led Venet as a young 20-year-old artist at the beginning of the 1960’s, to "wish to remove any charge of expression contained in the work in order to reduce it to a material fact", then to appropriate astrophysics, nuclear physics and mathematical logic, to interrupt his activity for 5 years and finally to make an unexpected return with framed canvases. This is followed by sound works, poetry, undefined lines, accidents, dispersions, random combinations, up to undefined and curved lines of monumental Corten steel sculptures made for urban spaces.

The exhibition’s curator is Thierry Raspail.


© The Modern Art Museum in Lyon – artwork by Bernar Venet

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