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Kenia Almaraz Murrilo is a contemporary Bolivian pluri-disciplinary artist. Graduating with honours from the Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2020, she lives and works in Paris, France.

Through weaving, paintings and mural works, Kenia retranscribes her fascination for geometric shapes and textile symbols of the Andes. In rhythmic compositions, she pays homage to the vibrations of colours she observes in nature. Her use of lights adds a symbolic and innovative dimension to her traditional weaves.

Since 2016, in collaboration with Elliott Causse, she has created murals between Paris and Santa Cruz, going as far as investing a 123 meters long corridor at the heart of the UGC cinema in Les Halles and 24 floors of the new headquarters of Altarea. 




Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 1994


In 2019, invited by the Galerie Boulakia, Kenia exhibited her first solo show titled ''Tisser la lumière du temps'' in Paris, France.

In 2021, she was invited to participate at the contemporary Volta Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland.

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